Characteristics and Usage of Weapons in PUBG Mobile


PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds or PUBG Mobile is a popular multiplayer game that pits players against each other on an island where the last man standing wins. To survive in the game, players must find and use weapons strategically. Understanding the characteristics and usage of weapons is vital for successful gameplay.

Characteristics of Weapons

Each weapon in PUBG Mobile has unique characteristics that make it suitable for different scenarios. In general, weapons can be classified into three categories – assault rifles, submachine guns, and sniper rifles. Assault rifles, like the AKM and M416, have high damage and are ideal for medium to long-range fights. Submachine guns, like the Uzi and Vector, are useful for close-range combat due to their high rate of fire. Sniper rifles, such as the Kar98k and AWM, have a long range and high damage, making them perfect for taking out enemies from a distance.

Usage of Weapons

Knowing how to use each weapon is crucial for winning battles in PUBG Mobile. Here are some tips on the usage of different weapons:Assault Rifles – Use these weapons for medium to long-range fights. Attachments like scopes and compensators can increase accuracy and reduce recoil.Submachine Guns – These guns are suitable for close-range combat. Use them in buildings and other enclosed spaces.Sniper Rifles – These guns are perfect for long-range combat. Use them to take out enemies from a distance. Attachments like scopes and suppressors can make the shots more accurate and silent.

Top 5 Weapons in PUBG Mobile

1. M416 – This assault rifle is versatile and can be used in various situations.2. Kar98k – This sniper rifle has high damage and is excellent for long-range combat.3. AKM – This assault rifle has high damage and can be used for medium to long-range fights.4. Vector – This submachine gun has a high rate of fire and is ideal for close-range combat.5. AWM – This sniper rifle has the highest damage in the game and is perfect for taking out enemies from a distance.

Tactics for Using Weapons

Using weapons effectively in PUBG Mobile is not just about having the right weapon but also about strategy. Here are some tactics to help:1. Always have a long-range and a close-range weapon.2. Use cover to your advantage.3. Don’t expose yourself to unnecessary risks.4. Reload your weapon when safe.5. Choose attachments that complement your weapon and playstyle.


In PUBG Mobile, weapons are vital for survival. Understanding the different types of weapons and their characteristics is key to success. Use weapons strategically and employ tactics to gain the upper hand in battles.


1. Q: Can I win with any weapon in PUBG Mobile?A: While some weapons are better than others, it is possible to win with any weapon if used strategically.2. Q: Is it best to always use a sniper rifle for long-range combat?A: Not necessarily. Assault rifles can be just as effective with the right attachments.3. Q: Can I pick up weapons from other players in PUBG Mobile?A: Yes, picking up weapons from other players is a great way to obtain better weapons.4. Q: Should I always aim for headshots in PUBG Mobile?A: While headshots can be lethal, aiming for the body is sometimes more effective, especially at close range.5. Q: Are shotguns useful in PUBG Mobile?A: Shotguns can be useful in close-range combat, but they are not recommended for medium to long-range fights.